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Excellent care continues to provide reliable services due to our nationwide coverage, resource quality, high matching accuracy, compliance-based ethos and insights in workforce solutions.Our temporary staffing solutions provide you with the qualified people you need, when you need. Our recruitment operation runs all year long to fill any sudden vacancies or to increase number of staffs to support the workload during summer/holiday shortages or busy periods.Excellent Care also engages in contracts with clients to provide staffs having specific skills and experience for a limited period of time as ‘Dispatched Labor’.

In such cases, the formal employer-employee relationship exists between Excellent Care and the dispatched worker. However, the dispatched worker is typically assigned at the client's place of business and works together with the client's employees under the supervision of and at the direction of the client.Under this arrangement, Excellent Care will handle the recruitment, employment, training, payroll and follow-up support for the dispatched workers which can help reduce your personnel management costs. By utilizing Excellent Care temporary staffing service, you can benefit from a talent workforce as/when deemed necessary.

care assistants

The success of your business depends on your ability to hire the best carers around. We’re dedicated to providing support and assistance at every level within the healthcare industry. With our experience and expertise for the past thirteen years we understand the urgency of finding highly qualified staff that can ensure your shifts run smoothly and efficiently. Our staffs are trained to the highest standards and perform with professionalism and compassion. Our attitude has always been to go above and beyond to ensure assistance at the highest quality.